11th Cabal

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The 11th Cabal is a sect of monks/psionics that base their philosophy around the the number 11 to a fanatical, somewhat religious level.

Their logic is based around the number one being the most significant of digits. They teach that improvement of self, and being self-focused is the greatest purpose in life. They go on to say that a person by itself could never hope to truly learn or achieve anything through their own learning and training, and so the number 11, being two “1”s represents learning from another to better oneself. They do not believe that classroom teaching and mentoring are the keys to this kind of learning. It is their believe that to truly learn from another you must witness their failings and successes and learn what you can from them. 11th Cabal monks do not remember their dead, but instead rememeber their deaths, in an attempt to learn what killed them and never let it get the better of them. There is no curriculum or structure to an 11th Cabal monastery, instead students and masters alike are left to the facilities to learn as they best see fit. 11th Cabal monks are incredibly individualistic, but can fight/work together when the need arises. Not friendly at all. Not uncommon for monks to study the death of a peer and hunt down the foe who killed them. Not as an act of vengeance, but as a learning exercise or test.

Feared amongst commoners, as they regularly kidnap children with a psionic affinity. Stories of them are used to scare children much like the boogeyman et al.

The number 121, being the square of 11, also holds significance for the 11th Cabal (eg. 121 years service to Delway, in exchange for 121 psionic children)

11th Cabal

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