Lord Siivan Delfanus Villem Graypost

Half-elven Lord of Graypost.


An out of order and nonsensical biography.

Only son of Lord Villem Noctor Graypost II. Accomplished sword-fighter, severely broke his right hand while adventuring, crippling it to the point where he can no longer wield a sword in it. Because of this he is no longer the swordsman he once was but is still very capable with his left hand. Does not use a shield in combat. Father was quite old when he was born. Mother was an elven refugee. Father died of heart condition when he was young. Has a younger sister. Has one son. Married a local human. Possibly of little consequence, maybe nobility. Well liked by his constituents. When his father died he was too young by Delwen law to hold a position of Lord. Power was given to a council of Knights from the province (or a council of guild reps, or a council appointed by the King). So his mother, pregnant with his sister, took him to her ancestral home of (the elven islands I will come up with later). He spend the next decade (or so) of his life there. He learned to fight with a sword like the elves, to supplement his already natural talent and human military sword training. Returned to Graypost, took power back with no resistance. Popular, bit of a living legend amongst people of Graypost. People tell exaggerated stories of his adventurers and sword fighting prowess. Carries around two swords: his father’s family sword, bearing the Delwen royal family crest on one side of the base of the blade, and the Graypost family crest on the other, and his maternal grandfather’s sword, an elven artifact. If attacked, he prefers to fight with his father’s sword, but if he ever finds himself in dire straights, he will instead draw his grandfather’s sword.

Lord Siivan Delfanus Villem Graypost

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